Allenby Street, Number One Building, 8th Floor, Beirut Central District- Lebanon
Address: Allenby Street, Number One Building, 8th Floor, Beirut Central District- Lebanon


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FerLink S.A.L. (Off-Shore) was established in 1999 in Beirut, Lebanon. Our shareholders have been in the steel business since 1978 and have an extensive experience in steel trading and distribution activities.
We sell more than 2 million metric tons of all types of steel products per year worldwide.

Our Services

01. The Trader

We trade with long, flat, tubular and semi-finished steel products through a reliable and flexible sourcing channel of the biggest mills in the world.

02. The Distributor

We have our own distribution operations in Djibouti.

03. The Financial Intermediary

We are backed by the largest international banks in Trade Finance. This enables us to provide a wide range of financial services to our customers to meet their needs.


Helping to build America block by block since 1971, our steelworks company is proud to be one of the biggest players on the market! With our services lineup ranging from metal shearing, welding and detailing to fabrication, delivering and erecting – we are truly a full-cycle operator! But that would all be impossible without a vast team of steelworking pros, firstly raised in the ’70s by our company’s founder and nowadays trained from scratch by our senior engineers and specialists.

Besides being able to service a manufacturing or a construction project of any scale and in any niche, we are also proud of having the most up-to-date steelwork equipment and tools. Sometimes, it turns out that we’re the first company in business to use some frontier, next step technology or tools!

That’s all because for us, being ahead of schedule and ahead of the competition is not just our work, but our motto and a lifestyle!

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